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Copper Laminated Busbar

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Copper Laminated Busbars contain adaptable covered copper associations that are delivered utilizing profoundly conductive electrolytic review copper thwart and sheets. These overlaid Busbars experience squeeze welding where singular copper strips are combined through applying direct present and additionally weight, which brings about guaranteeing least resistance and also in improving the item life and in addition in the lessening of downtime.

Further, these likewise highlight predominant mechanical and electrical properties at higher temperatures. These component higher power thickness and additionally better electromagnetic similarity (EMC).

General Properties:

  • • Size -lengths up to 1000mm
  • • Thickness - = 1,6 mm. = 2 mm
  • • Weight - Weight per feet in kg
  • • Standard & Material -ASTM D150 ASTM D149

Application Areas:

  • • Custom Power Distribution Assemblies
  • • Multi-Layer Laminated Copper Connectors
  • • Multi-Layer Bus Bars
  • • Capacitor and IGBT Structures

Laminated bus bar also meets the needs of industries like:

  • • Telecom
  • • Power Generation
  • • Electromechanical Motor Controls
  • • Aerospace applications
  • • Military applications

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